A World Without Fraud

What if everything had a built-in biometric scanner? Like mice, trackpads, touch screens, keyboard keys and so forth. Imagine if all of those fingerprint readers can read your fingerprints in an instant: every keystroke, every button press, every gesture in flawless accuracy. This is the holy grail in security and will revolutionize the internet as we know it.

Touch-ID1-e1399382899733Constant verification that you are you. There will be no more need for passwords, as the moment you type, click or tap on your favourite website, you are instantly connected. Websites will no longer have sign up / log in screens as all you will do is click ‘Join’ and you have instant access. Corporations will be completely hack-proof as a foreign fingerprints will not have access to the company’s servers. Online communication platforms like chat services will have real-time constant verification as you type on each key, so we can rest assured that we know who is on the other side of that chat—in fact, there is no more need to ‘sign out’. There’s no more need for things like a ‘smartphone kill switch’ as the thief will not be able to wake the device at all.

I believe biometrics will revolutionize security, the internet, work efficiency and more, and it’s coming sooner than you think.


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