Welcome to The Future Archive, where I try to make the most accurate tech predictions. I follow trends and stories and try to compile the most likely outcome of the evolution of technology in the future.

About Me:
I’m just your average everyday nerd that loves technology. I wake up to read about tech, I eat breakfast and read about tech, lunch with tech, dinner with tech and before I go to sleep, I read about tech. I’ve started to love tech after I purchased my first PDA (personal digital assistant) the Sony ClieNX90. That’s when I started predicting where technology will be in certain amount of years. To my surprise, my tech predictions were bang-on accurate; I.E) I predicted that the Playstation 3 would come out on the month I graduate from highschool, which it did. In 2004 I predicted OLED will go mainstream within 5 years, which it did, and remember that 2004 was the Motorola RAZR fad, and you know how LCD’s where back then, not so good. In the years when thin clamshell/slider phones where all the rage, I predicted that smartphones will be dominant in the not-so-distant future. Everyone thought I was nuts when I was using my fat Treo 650 compared to everyone, and I mean EVERYONES Razr.

Now the articles I will write on this blog are just my ‘predictions’ of what the future holds for technology. I am in no way an industry analyst. I’m just your everyday tech enthusiast that reads, breaths and owns tech. So please do not hold off from buying your new laptop because of what I said.

Why start a blog now? Well, back in the day, being the only tech savvy person of all my friends is a common thing. With the advent of blogs, social networking & lower cost consumer tech, I feel it’s the right time to start a blog.
Plus the evolution of technology wasn’t as fast as it is today, so whenever I did predict something, say, five years ago, no one would give it a second thought because 1) they didn’t care, and 2) my predictions would be so insurmountable because it’s unheard of.

That’s my story, I hope you enjoy reading about my tech predictions.
~David Ngo


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