Apple will get rid of the 30-pin connector

30 pin connector for iDevices

WHEN: FALL 2012 (2 years from todays date)
HOW: With Fall 2012 iPhone


**For those of you that don’t know what a 30-Pin dock connector is, it’s the white USB cable that Apple provides along your purchase of iPods, iPhones, and iPads.**

With the iphone slimming down and essentially adding new hardware every year, something has to give. Apple has already made some compromises with the new iPhone 4 by welding the front glass to the screen, and repositioning the cell radio and placing them on the ‘seams/lines’ on the outer aluminum (very un-apple like) to make more room internally.

The 30-Pin connecter saw the rise and fall of the Motorola Razr, it’s that old. Sure, the cable connector at the time was high end, compact and small, but for today’s standards with our mini USB and mini HDMI (TYPE-C) cables, the 30-Pin connector is looking quite quaint, and I think Apple knows this as well. I’m guessing the new cable will be small, but not thin like the mini HDMI-TYPE C cables. The reason being is that people will have a harder time docking their iphones to their table dock or car dock if the port is too small. So the new cable will most likely keep the same width of the current 30-Pin connector, but the length will be drastically reduced, probably to the same dimensions as the mini usb’s we see today.

-Apple will replace the 30-Pin connector
-The new cable will be introduced with Fall 2012 iPhone
-The new cable will keep the same width, but the length will be reduced to the size of mini USB’s we see today.