Web 3.0 will be magazine-like.

Websites will have 'magazine-like' layouts in 3 years

WHAT: The World Wide Web
WHEN: 2015 (3 years from today’s date)
HOW: With tablet computing

With the rise of tablet computing. And with the potential of touch screen laptops. The web is indeed in need of a complete redesign and fresh thinking. Like my rendered image from above, most major websites will have a complete redesign in 3 years. Current websites are designed for the mouse, a pointer/clicker interface. But with touch becoming the standard, websites will need to change.

But what kind of layout would be necessary? The answer is a magazine-like layout. A magazine has already been proven. It works, it has the perfect spacing, it’s easy to read, easy to work, humanity have been using this layout for the past century, a magazine just speaks to a human.

With new web technologies rising, it’s safe to say that one day we will also be able to ‘flip’ a page of a website to go to the next or previous page. The goal is to make the web ‘as human as possible’, something everybody would understand and know how to use, a universal web that is easy to navigate and speaks to any race, any human, regardless of whether they never used the internet before.

The term web 3.0 will eventually arise maybe a year after the first magazine-like webpage goes public.

-Websites will get a magazine-like layout
-Will be able to ‘flip’ webpages like magazines to get to the next/previous page
-Web 3.0 moniker will rise a year after the first magazine-layout website goes public